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My product was shipped to me damaged. What should I do?
We examine and double-pack every item before shipping. However, due to the sizes of most items, handling can be awkward, and sometimes trucking staff do not handle them carefully. We need to collect wood craft( free fumigation) packing fee to gurantee the goods are in good shape when it arrive in clients' warehouse.
How do I maintain my product?
Your carbon fiber product is durable, but it still needs care and maintenance to stay looking good. To avoid pre-mature aging, it is important to keep your carbon fiber product clean. Minimize exposure to the sun, and wax when necessary.
What kind of warranty do you have?
We test fit all parts before we make them available for sale. But customers need to understand that no after-market body parts will fit exactly like OEM. It is normal and you are expected to do minor adjustments for a good fit. With that said, we are very confident that our products are among the best fitment in the aero-styling market. Our warranty extends only to vehicles that have not had any bodywork done. As a precaution, test fit all parts before you cut/paint/drill the items.
What are the pros and cons between "dry carbon" and "wet carbon"?
Dry vs. wet involves completely different processes of manufacturing. You can find extensive articles about the details on the web if you do a general search. As for pros and cons, here is a brief summary: Simply put, with dry carbon, you get the most strength and save the most weight. The weaves and quality are more consistent, but they are generally 3 to 4 times more expensive than wet carbon. Wet carbon products are hand-laid, and are more prone to small defects like wavy weaves and tiny bubbles. They do not save as much weight as their dry carbon counterparts. But on the plus side, you get an incredible combination of visual attraction, weight-deduction, and most importantly, price. All products you see on our website are wet carbon. Wet carbon products are also the most popular and most commonly referred to as just "carbon fiber" .
How to judge the quality of carbon fiber products in general?
When comparing carbon fiber products, the 3 most important questions to ask are: Is the product made with one-piece carbon sheet, or multiple sheets put together? Is it gel-coat finish or clear coat finish? Is the carbon sheet wrapped around the skeleton, or is it integrated into the mold? All of our products are made using one- piece carbon sheet, so you do not see broken lines and patterns. All of our products use clear coat finish. Clear coats are shiny and durable, and they give you the nice "wet" look as opposed to a duller look from gel coats. All of our carbon sheets are built into the mold, so they do not break and split like the ones where carbon is only wrapped around the skeleton.
Are your products made with 100% carbon fiber?
The "carbon fiber" material is just a piece of cloth. You can't make any shape out of it without some kind of support. We use fiberglass backing to construct the skeleton.
What is "grade A" carbon?
There is no official standard to grade carbon fiber products. Because of the way carbon fiber products are made, there can be a quiet big difference on the quality among different brands. As a result, manufacturers started to call their products "Grade A" to stress their quality. But it's just a commonly used term for advertising.
Is painting included/do you provide painting?
No, painting is not included and we do not provide painting as well. Also, we do not recommend the body kit to be painted before installation is done because, modifications to the kit may be needed and minor damages such as scratches may be incurred on the kit during the installation process. Henceforth, we highly recommend you to paint your ride by a professional automotive body painter only after the kit installation is done.
What are the procedures once I’ve confirmed the purchase order?
40% deposit will be requested,Once payment is received,pls send us the copy of bank receipt, we will proceed with the production of the purchase order. the balance should be payed before shipping, we can arrange the shipping for you or you can also arrange shipping by yourself.
Can I mix and match the body kit?
Yes, you can mix different body kits together for shipping!
What are jcsportline body kits made of
All of our body kits are made of good quality Poly ureathan ( PU) and fiberglass reinforced with polyester (FRP),PU is light weight,flexible and soft!


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